6 ways to personalise your Data Room

6 ways to personalise your Data Room

A company's branding is reflected in everything from office stationery to an email signature. So why would you not extend this branding to your Virtual Data Room?

Why settle for a simple document sharing tool where not only is the security isn't up to par, but you are unable to personalise your Data Room to your or your client's brand. Instead, you are restricted to inviting users with a generic welcome message, and they are greeted by an unfamiliar brand. Or you are unable to personalise the Data Room to suit the purpose of the deal. Finally, you face limited options to expand your company's identity.

Use an advanced Data Room with transparent pricing that seamlessly extends your company's identity.

Here are 6 ways you can personalise your Data Room within Virtual Vaults as a Vault Admin.

6 ways to personalise your Data Room: Brand your Vault

1.Add your own logo or photograph

From the moment a user enters your Vault, greet them with a familiar logo or photograph.
Including your company's logo or a relevant photograph means going the extra mile toward building a brand that stands out.
Your company logo may well be the most suitable choice, so when invited users enter your Vault, they know immediately who is involved in the deal. However, suppose you are completing a real estate transaction. In that case, it may also be relevant to take advantage of the option to include a photograph of the building being sold.

2. Change your Vault colour

The colour used throughout your Data Room is essential for consistent brand recognition. Within your Virtual Vaults Data Room, you can personalise the colour used throughout your Vault.
Personalise your colour by choosing from a pre-selected colour pallet, adding your branded HTML colour code, or using our colour picker to select your colour directly from your company logo or photograph uploaded into your Vault.

3. Send a personal invitation message

When inviting new users to your Vault, take advantage to include an additional personal message to the invitation email, so a user immediately recognises who the invitation is from. Follow your company's tone of voice and include some details about the next steps in the deal.

4. Set a disclaimer message

The terms and confidentiality agreements of each deal or transaction can be different. Therefore, if a disclaimer is added to your Vault, everyone will have to accept the terms & conditions before entering. You can personalise the text to reflect your deal's needs exactly. Furthermore, if you make any adjustments or changes, the user will need to re-accept the terms.

5. Customise your preferred side labels

Ensure the purpose of your Vault is reflected with side labels. Choose from seven labels offered within the Virtual Vaults Data Room to suit the transaction or deal.

  • Sell side/Buy side
  • Internal/External
  • Client/External
  • Client/Financiers
  • Client/Investors
  • Client/Bidders
  • Issuer/Investor

6. Get a personalised branded login screen

To go the extra mile guaranteeing a seamless user experience between your company and your data room provider, if you join the Virtual Vaults Partner Programme you can benefit from a branded login screen. Meaning all stakeholders and users will login directly to your Vault via your own domain, increasing your brand awareness to all users.

We know deal-making is hard enough, so we made it simple. Easily personalise your Vault to be an extension of your company's identity and ensure it is an accurate reflection of your brand. Take a look at our no-surprises pricing or get a quote for your deal.

Open your Vault, close your deal with the leading Data Room provider in the Benelux area.