Are you protected?

Are you protected?

1.4 billion passwords have been hacked and leaked worldwide, including 3.3 million Dutch passwords

Although the hassle occurred in the end of last year, it was only exposed in the Dutch news last month. The likelihood that your password is out in the open is very high. In fact, some of our users informed us that their passwords had indeed been hacked. We advised them to take action by following the 3-steps password security plan.

For Virtual Vaults being safe and secure is of key importance and we want to make sure your work accounts as well as private accounts are secured too.

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How to prevent data breaches in the future?

Follow the 3-steps password security plan:

Step 1


Change your password to a random and unique password existing out of a minimum of 10 characters. The longer your password, the better. Make sure to store your passwords in a safe password manager like 1Password and Lastpass

Step 2

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA provides you with an additional layer of security, by requiring a token retrieved via your mobile phone in addition to a password. This will ensure you are the only one who is able to access your account, even if someone knows your password!

Step 3


Change your passwords regularly to something completely new. Hence, this limits the chance of account breaches. Make sure to create a strong password again!

With these steps you have limited the chance of hackers having access to your accounts.

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