Vault Branding

It is here now! Customize Vaults to match with your corporate identity with our new branding feature.

Vault Branding

Always wanted to customize a data room to fully match with your corporate identity? Brand your Vault and make guests feel comfortable with your logo and corporate colors.

We give you two easy steps that help you to fully create your own branded Vault, which will reflect professionalism and trustworthiness towards clients.

It all starts with setting your logo. Upload your brand logo and make sure guests will know it is you.

Click here for more instructions on how to set your logo.

Step 2: Set your corporate colors

In this final step you will fully customize your Vault by setting the color scheme to match with your corporate colors. This small change will give a completely new feel to your Vault, experience it throughout the whole data room process.

Click here for more instructions on how to set your corporate colors.

Congratulations, you now know how to customize your data room into your own professional and trustworthy Vault that reflects your brand identity!

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