Q&A: Follow-up Question

Q&A: Follow-up Question

This month a new feature has been launched, resulting in a more convenient Q&A

The follow-up question enables the question group to ask an additional question on a submitted answer and so on... creating a dialogue. Less chaos, more structure and thus a more convenient Q&A!

Vault admins will be able to switch this feature on or off. This enables them to determine what is most beneficial for their vaults by looking at the size and/or kind of deal. Hence, it is about having the convenience to fully shape your own Q&A!

Our customer support team is able to guide and advise you with your decision.

What does it look like?

Although the feature might speak for itself, it could be nice to show you the process of this feature:

Part 1

The answer group disclosed an answer to the question group.

Instead of asking a new question, the question group is able to ask a follow-up question:


Part 2

The follow-up question will get a new question ID.
In this scenario ID 14.1, following the original question ID of 14:


Part 3

This action can continuously be done which, creates a dialogue that will look like this:


Still have some questions about this feature?

Our support team is happy to help you: