Security Measures

Security Measures

With the increasing amount of credential stuffing attacks the need for additional layers of security is increasing as well. That is why Virtual Vaults takes measures by providing you with some additional security updates.

"One of the most alarming trends I've seen in the world of data breaches is the rapid rise of credential stuffing attacks," According to Troy Hunt, one of the topmost authorities on developer security in the world.

"Credential stuffing is the automated injection of breached username/password pairs in order to fraudulently gain access to user accounts."

We want to prevent that a hacker can login using your credentials. Therefore, we have updated our security measures with a Security Checkup and New Login Process.

Security Checkup


The security checkup will help you to identify whether the correct mobile phone number has been registered. Not your number? No worries, make your account super secure again by changing it into the correct mobile phone number.

Login Process


The new login process requires 2FA if you want to use a new device. That is how we help you to stay secure! Once a device has been registered the new login screen will not pop up again.

2FA Changes


This new release allows you to only verify once a day when you have one or more Vaults for which 2FA is required. So, you don’t have to verify every time you change from one 2FA Vault to the other 2FA Vault.

Still have some questions about these security updates?

Get in touch with our Security Officer:

Gjalt Wijma