Top 5 Virtual Data Rooms offering unlimited data storage

Top 5 Virtual Data Rooms offering unlimited data storage

How do you evaluate the cost of your deal? From having to make an estimation of the total cost of the data storage you will need, to later the possibility of your client incurring additional data overage charges.

There will always be a small element of guesswork when it comes to the pricing of your virtual data room. Even when you've made your calculation you could go over an agreed data limit. What happens then? You will be charged data fees and you'll be left with the uncertainty of paying per MB for additional data. Leaving you to face calculations such as:
If you have a 400MB x 3-month subscription;
and after 3 months require an additional 150MB of data,
the additional cost will be (3 x €172) = €516
Example from other data room providers.

Why settle for a Virtual Data Room where you have to approximate a data plan to best match your needs? When you know there is a better solution available...

Data rooms with unlimited data storage included in the upfront fees. One accurate price. No-fuss. Simple.

But how do you decide which platform is right for you?

With so many data rooms out there, and not all of them offering you unlimited storage built into the basic price we thought it would be great to showcase some of the top ones to help you pick what's best for your business!

Here are 5 of the very best Virtual Data Rooms offering you unlimited data storage.

Best virtual Data Rooms with unlimited data storage

1. Virtual Vaults

Virtual Vaults makes hard deals easy with simple and secure Data Rooms called Vaults. No matter which of the plans you opt for all ‘Vaults’ include all the features including a dedicated Customer Success team available in multiple languages.


️ Unlimited data storage
✔️ Q&A module
✔️ Dedicated success manager
✔️ 24/7 phone support
View all Virtual Vaults data room features.

Short term Vault starts from €499
Long term Vault starts from €375
Partner Programme: upon request

Unique value:
We've heard from Virtual Vaults customers that it's not only them who love the user-friendliness of our platform but also the buyers have commented on how easy to use the platform is. It is a data room for everyone to share confidential documents and make collaboration easier and more secure. The customer success team is always available for you 24/7 with no waiting time whatsoever.

Customer reviews:  
See who uses Virtual Vaults Data Room here.

Virtual Vaults Data Room

2. April Fools!

We know, we're sorry.

Instead of the classic office pranks today we wanted to make sure you have the last laugh. Did you know that Virtual Vaults is the only professional data room to offer unlimited data at a single flat rate in all our plans? The only thing we expect is fair use based on our Fair Use Principle.

We know deal-making is hard enough, so we made it simple. Take a look at our no-surprises pricing or get a quote for your deal.

Open your Vault, Close your deal with the leading data room provider in the Benelux area.